A Moving Experience

First time moving or seasoned pro, it can still be stressful, so take the stress out of the move by getting the right people for the job.
Wemovals has moved thousands of people in and out of just a bout all styles of homes. We know all moves are different and we are flexible enough to cater for any changes that may arise.

The Average Move

The average home is 3 bed rooms, office or study, living room, kitchen, laundry, shed/storage, car garage, pot pants, out door furniture and one hide away spot that gets forgotten about till move day.

These types of homes are on average 5 -6 hours to move but can be quicker or longer depending on the amount of packing you can do and on the amount of small items you move your self. A lot of people chose to take personal items and items that are hard to pack e.g bedding, this often speeds up the move.

Check List

Every one tells you to write a list before you move, but where do you start?
Here are some list of the most important things to remember.
Services that need to be changed.
Things to do week before you move.

Difficult Entrance

Wemovals specialty is bad & difficult accesses removals.
Do you have a tight and narrow drive way, a beloved lounge that won’t go in the front door or maybe even a chest of draws that was built in the master bed room?

Not too worry Wemovals has the skills needed to relocate all your items no matter what the access to your place is like.

How do you know if you have a difficult access?

5 Simple question that will let you know

1. Is there more than 15 stairs?
2. Do loose breath when bringing the shopping home?
3. Is it hard to get your car up your drive way when its wet?
4. Is your drive way tight for a big car / 4×4.?
5. Are all your door way and entrances small, with tight turns in side?

If you answered yes to all these then its very likely you have a difficult assess move, but no to worry we can move any thing.

If you answered yes to 2 you have the average home

And if you answered all no then you have a very good accesses.

What to expect on the day

On the day we start nice and early at around 730am – 8am (Times can be changed to what best suits you). we arrive and asses the move looking for big items, hard to movie items, how many boxes there are and so on.

How the truck gets packed and what is moved first will change from job to job as every one has different items and entrances.

The longest part of the move is packing the truck, this is to ensure that all the items are treated well and are safe for the journey (long or short). Unpacking is much quicker and can be helped with boxes being labeled correctly and by having a good idea were you would like you furniture.

Some times a second trip is needed, most often for out door furniture or pot plants that could have done damage / soiled other furniture had it come with the first load. These load are quick and some times more time efficient then attempting to cram every thing in to one load.

At the end of the job we will check to see that every thing is were you would like it, dot feel bad for asking us to move an item or two while we are still there, we are happy to help.

The truck is checked to make sure nothing is left in it, this includes folding up the blankets and sweeping due to small but valuable items some times getting tangled up or stuck in the sides.

Payment can be made at the end of the job or organised for a following date, we can often give you an accurate idea of the final cost close to the end of the job.

All move are different and we treat them as such, so dont be concerned if your move takes a different direction. Our friendly staff will keep you informed as the move progresses
and make sure you get in to your new home safe and sound.

Pride is Every thing

gardenYou take pride in your home so we take pride in it too. Wemovals is know for our appreciation of your property.
Wemovals takes all the necessary precautions to minimize and avoid damage to your property.